Few things go with great conversation like a good bottle of wine. Fittingly, it was a wine-fueled conversation during a dinner in 2012 that led Chris and Vernon to float the idea of creating their very own label. Major League teammates and fathers of two, they shared not only a passion for wine but for family as well. So when it came time to name their new baby, they looked to their kids for inspiration. Taking the initials of Jayce, Ashlyn, Christian and Kylie, JACK Winery was born (so to speak). For Chris and Vernon, the thrill of creating something from the ground up and being able to share it with friends, family and wine lovers near and far is the satisfying result of a fruitful collaboration.

– Founded by Chris Iannetta & Vernon Wells

Friends and family. We’ll drink to that.


Raised in Napa, Grant Long Jr. has spent his entire career in the wine business. He is the sole proprietor of Aonair, where he handcrafts rich, premium wines of bold vintage and limited quantity. Partial to vintages sourced from the rocky, volcanic hillside vineyards of Napa Valley, Grant approaches his craft from a very personal perspective, putting quality far above all other considerations. He points to his father, a lifelong wine lover and wine collector, as one of the great influences in his life. JACK Winery is fortunate to benefit from the expertise and uncompromising standards of one of today’s true winemaking artisans.


While we strive to share our exceptional wines with as many as possible, quantities are extremely limited. We make them available exclusively through our JACK Allocation List. Your position will be determined by the date you join, so be part of the JACK experience by joining today.

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